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Aged To Perfection #1 (Pent Up Desires)

Posted in Business

Aged To Perfection #1 (Pent Up Desires)

Sarah, a beautiful late thirties woman, is getting her life back on track after her divorce. She has a great job, good friends, a nice house. She’s tired of meeting older men looking for a trophy wife, so she’s been in avoidance mode. Her fun-loving promiscuous friend Jenny urges Sarah to be more proactive and open minded, especially about age differences. Sarah is hesitant, so Jenny sets her up with a younger man. Sarah’s date opens her eyes not only to a new world of possibilities, but to an understanding her own pent up desires. This is the first part of a two part story. No cliffhanger.

Aged To Perfection #1 (Pent Up Desires)

By: Blaise Quin

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