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Sea salt is sea water evaporated from the sea. It’s typically used for cooking, baking, cosmetics and even for preserving food. It’s also known as black sea salt, Dead Sea salt or pink sea salt.

Like mined ore, production of sea salt dates back to prehistoric times. The use of sea salt for culinary and cosmetic purposes has been observed from early times through the centuries. The first recipe for sea salt was prepared by aristocrats in ancient Egypt. And, interestingly enough, salt did not become commercially popular until the 19th century. During those years, the popularity of table salt was on the rise and industrialists were pouring huge amounts of money into its production.

Manufacturers quickly came up with more refined salts. Today, sea salt can be purchased in numerous forms, including crystal and kosher salts, pink sea salt and black sea salt. Each type of salt comes in various forms including tablet, granule and powder. Table salt is still the most common form used, but there are alternatives. In fact, more people now use processed forms of it, such as pickled salt and sea salt (also known as seawater salt).

Salt is now used for a wide range of cooking methods as well as for preparing foods and desserts. The development of chemistry and technology has made possible the widespread use of this product on a global scale. Salt has now become so popular that most households have some available in their kitchens. As a result, it’s no longer something that’s only found in old dusty shop-bought cookbooks.

Most of us know the basic composition of sea salt (salt mineral substance) and the effect it has on our food. We also have an idea about the process of cooking with it. However, many cooks still don’t really understand the value of salt in the kitchen. That is the main reason why cooking with sea salt is so popular these days.

Salt contains numerous important nutrients that help maintain the body’s pH balance. Moreover, sea salt contains a wide range of trace minerals that contribute to the body’s nutrient absorption, metabolism and excretion as well as to the body’s structural stability. All these combine to make an extremely healthy food – one that makes it possible for us to achieve a well-balanced diet without compromising on taste and flavor! Sea salt thus helps us maintain a healthy lifestyle with a host of nutritious benefits.

Most sea salts are harvested from naturally occurring sources. They are obtained by means of fossilized corals and ancient underwater organisms. In fact, corals comprise the majority of the salt found on our planet. The sea water is heated up and brought to the surface. Through the effects of natural buoyancy, some of the salt from the ocean evaporates and ends up in the land water.

As mentioned earlier, the process of evaporation is very important when harvesting sea salt. The heat from the surface must be allowed to penetrate into the water to enable the salt to be efficiently utilized. As a result, there are now many artificial evaporation systems designed to effectively draw the moisture from sea water. These systems draw the moisture from the sea water and store it in pipes or tanks.

There are two main types of sea salt – rock salt and marine sand. Rock salt is the type of salt commonly found in old ships. Rock salt tends to have a smooth and salty texture, and is good for cooking and baking. Marine sand, on the other hand, has a little bit of a “fishy” flavor to it. Many seafood prefer to use marine sand, as it helps retain the flavor of their dishes.

Natural sea salt is usually the most expensive kind of salt available in stores. This is because harvesting it from the sea itself requires more effort and uses more energy than other kinds of salt. Nevertheless, this salt is widely used across all cultures. Many Chinese people favor using natural sea salt to cook their food. It helps preserve the freshness of the ingredients used and adds a touch of sophistication to the taste of the food.

Although not very appealing in appearance, sea salt is an important part of the world’s cuisine. One should try to prepare meals with it once in a while to experience its rich and salty taste. Although expensive, this salt can be one of the best additions to one’s diet. Furthermore, it is a healthy addition to one’s diet as well, since sea salt is a great source of the essential minerals, vitamins and other nutrients found in foods.

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