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All In: Double or Nothing (Gambling With Love Book 1)

Posted in Action and Adventure

All In: Double or Nothing (Gambling With Love Book 1)

WARNING: THIS BOOK IS FOR 18+ ONLY DUE TO THE SEXUALLY EXPLICIT SCENES, INCLUDING M/F/M AND ADULT LANGUAGE. Lauren Jefferson is a sweet, sexy woman who has always had terrible luck in life. She started “exotic dancing” when she was sixteen to keep a roof over her and her mother’s head. Now she’s twenty, fed up with her worthless, drug-abusing mother, and trying to claw her way out of her shitty life. Tyler Evans is a cocky police officer who responds to Lauren’s accident on Friday the thirteenth after some idiot runs a red light and hits her. Sparks fly, and Tyler and Lauren make plans to meet up later that night. Unfortunately, duty calls and Tyler gets held up at work. While waiting for Tyler to show up to the bar, Lauren is approached by Caleb, a gorgeous man who says all the right things. Giving up on her missing LEO, Lauren is instantly drawn to the fun-loving Caleb, and looking forward to seeing where the night takes the two of them. As luck would have it, when Tyler finally shows up at the bar an hour late, he’s shocked to find Lauren in the arms of another man. Not just any man, but his best friend. After Lauren holds back from Caleb the reason she showed up at the bar in the first place, Tyler gives up and cuts his losses, at least until Caleb brings Lauren home. Lauren can’t stop thinking about Tyler, but at the same time, she’s also falling for Caleb. Her indecision leads her to cross a few lines, and when Caleb heads off to basic training for ten weeks, Tyler and Lauren can’t help themselves. After Caleb returns home, he’s not ready to throw in the towel and walk away. He convinces Tyler to take a gamble, giving Lauren a chance to start over and date both men at the same time. Tyler wants to be 100% sure that he’s the only man for Lauren, so he foolishly agrees to share her with Caleb. After that, all bets are off. Emotions run high, and somehow these three end up in a no holds barred game where the winner takes all.

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All In: Double or Nothing (Gambling With Love Book 1)

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By: Lane Hart

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