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If you’ve been to the Pink Himalayan Salt Amazon, you know it’s something of a disappointment. It seems more like one of those Bollywood movies that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

You can buy the flowers at Hollywood’s supermarkets but what’s up with all those flamingos and penguins? We had our first encounter with these wild animals about ten minutes into our trip.

Even if the Pink Himalayan Salt Amazon was safe, we couldn’t imagine having such a common animal as a pet. As for the gift baskets, they were mostly full of things we didn’t want, including plastic fruit jars, things that looked like they had been cut out of a grocery catalog, and several dozen rolls of bubble wrap. All these things are boring when you think about them.

The gift baskets also contained crocodile figurines and other stuff that went against everything we teach our children about taking care of the environment. For example, we teach our kids not to put their children in an oven when they are playing outside in the rain, so why would we give a crocodile a place to live?

When we returned from our three-day visit to the Pink Himalayan Salt Amazon, we decided to keep our two boys out of the rain, at least for the time being. We are now in our late teens and we’ve decided not to have our little girls out as much.

We don’t like the idea of our kids going barefoot because they are asking to get dirty and use their own dirt as foot moisturizer. We worry about getting all of our clothing damaged by our two little ones in the rain, too. One of the main reasons we gave up on the Pink Himalayan Salt Amazon was because of this fear. We found out today that we weren’t alone in our phobia. In fact, all of the people who went to the Pink Himalayan Salt Amazon have told us that they left their animals home alone in the rain. They did it not only because they were so afraid of harming them, but also because they’re just too cute to let out in the rain.

Many people are still wondering why Pink Himalayan Salt Amazon is a better experience than raising our two children in the rain. We have to admit that even though the Pink Himalayan Salt Amazon was a worthwhile experience, we felt like we had to leave it sooner than we should have. It’s certainly different from raising children, but there’s a lot of good it does for us as well.

When we arrived in the Pink Himalayan Salt Amazon, we were going to stay in a guest house for the night. The place had wifi and satellite TV and we had already checked into our rooms and rearranged our bedrooms. We weren’t sure where we were going to eat, so we planned to go out a lot and see what we could find.

After we made our decision to stay in the Pink Himalayan Salt Amazon for the night, we could see that we wouldn’t be needing to worry about our bathing suits. Everything else in the place was stuff we found at our local dollar store and from Craigslist.

For example, the linens that we were planning to put our bedding in didn’t need to be laundered because they were donated. They may not even be pink. Even the floor rugs that were in our rooms were still green, and they were stained with chocolate brown.

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