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Building Customer Service Using a Facebook Chat Bot

A chat bot is a program, usually web-based software, used in place of a live human being to perform an on-line chat interaction, through either text or voice-to-voice communication, instead of providing direct eye contact with a person sitting at the computer. These chat bots are becoming more advanced, as evidenced by the way they are used today. But what exactly is a chat bot? And how does it work?

A chat bot is an application that uses artificial intelligence to perform tasks on the Internet, rather than having to be able to “talk” like a real-life individual. In fact, many of these chat Bots are able to carry on conversations that you might only be able to decipher with a human counterpart. Of course, this is not to infer that all chat Bots are intelligent. A chat bot can be completely oblivious to the proceedings taking place around it. However, because most of these chat bots run on artificial intelligence, their level of intelligence can be adjusted and honed to make them appear to have a better understanding of their surroundings and the conversational environment.

A chat bot, or software program, such as Facebook’s Newsfeed, are programs that allow a user to chat with friends while they are on the go. Most of these Bots are very user friendly and give users options to customize their messages so that they do not receive a single line spoken out of the box. In most cases, these chat bot programs are referred to as “multi bot” programs, because they allow users to chat with multiple friends using the same application. The most common type of Bot is one which interacts with a group of Facebook friends. However, some Bot platforms also allow Bot applications to interact with other applications and sites, as well.

As previously mentioned, chat bot technology is the use of artificial intelligence to allow a machine to speak in real time. Unlike text-based chat programs, a chatbot does not have to actually vocalize each and every time it responds. Instead, an artificial intelligence system (AAU) can monitor conversations to determine what a user wants to say next. The software then interprets this information, formulating a specific action that a user wants to take based on the conversations going on around him. Because of this, chat bots are able to multi-task and handle a variety of conversations at once.

The first step in getting your bot working is to download a web app bot using the Facebook APIs. You can either do this using the “download for free” link at the bottom of the Bot Settings page, or by visiting the Bot webpage itself. Once you’ve downloaded the bot using the Facebook web app Bot Options, you can configure it to your liking by changing the settings that control how the bot operates. Changing the default option to true will let the chat bot run in the background so that your friends don’t have to manually add the bot each time they want to chat.

After you have completed configuring your bot using the Facebook web app service, you need to create a Facebook account. Click on the Account tab on the main page of the Facebook site, and then follow the prompts to create a user ID and username. Enter the necessary information, and save. To test your bot, open the Facebook chat bot settings and click on the Create button. The bot will be created immediately.

If you are using a web-based chat software product like Zuul, you can set it up so that it runs as a Facebook application. By using the default option for configuring chatbot functionality, you won’t be able to do this. To enable the bot to work as a Facebook application, log in to your account and select Bot from the drop-down menu. When prompted, choose the option to upload the chat bot configuration file. Once the file is uploaded, everything should be configured in the user profile settings.

With your new chatbot running, you can now invite friends and colleagues to start chatting! You can also use other apps like Hipchat or Webo to chat with customers or partners. If you are building a business based on a product, chatbot integration with these apps can increase your conversion rates. Chat Bots may not be perfect, but it is a sure way to improve customer service, respond to queries, and interact with prospects and customers.

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