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Christians and the Supernatural

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Christians and the Supernatural

Miracles, seances, horoscopes, Tarot readings, healings, dreams, apparitions, poltergeists. What does the Bible have to say about the supernatural and the occult? Are there good and bad spirits? Is the supernatural always evil? Should we be worried? In this single volume of two of his previously published books, Understanding the Supernatural and Our Mysterious God, J Stafford Wright considers strange events in the Bible and in our own lives in the light of the great Christian truths about the human race, about evil and about the power of God. The writer warns: The Bible, claiming to speak as the revelation of God, and knowing man’s weakness for substitute religious experiences, bans those avenues into the occult that at the very least are blind alleys that obscure the way to God, and at worst are roads to destruction … No one who has read this book could now dabble innocently And the good news: When God the Holy Spirit dwells within the human spirit, he uses the mental and physical abilities which make up a total human being . . . The whole purpose of this book is to show that the Bible does make sense. J Stafford Wright was a greatly respected evangelical theologian and author, and former Principal of Tyndale Hall Theological College, Bristol. As a young student I read Stafford Wright’s work on the supernatural and found it very helpful. It is great to have his books back in print. Professor Gordon Wenham MA PhD. Tutor in OT at Trinity College Bristol and Emeritus Professor of Old Testament at the University of Gloucestershire.

Christians and the Supernatural

By: J Stafford Wright

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