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CHRISTMAS REPLAY: A Holiday Sports Romance with an HEA

Posted in Romance

CHRISTMAS REPLAY: A Holiday Sports Romance with an HEA

CHRISTMAS REPLAY is a steamy, feel-good, standalone Holiday Sports Romance novella, with an HEA ending and no cliffhanger. Jo Logan and I went to high school together, but a lot has changed since then. I’m no longer the four-eyed geeky girl he rejected, and he’s no longer just a no-name football player. He’s an NFL star now, a household name. Some things stayed the same though. He’s still an arrogant prick, and I still don’t want anything to do with him ever again. Which would be a lot easier if he didn’t look so good, or chase me quite so well. But I refuse to be hurt by him again, so he will not be getting a second chance from me this Christmas. Logan I’m only in town because my mom practically begged me to come. As soon as dawn breaks on Christmas Day I’m gone. There’s nothing left for me in this snowy, sleepy mountain town. Unless it’s that curvy brunette with eyes that remind me of home…the home I didn’t even know I missed. She keeps running, but the chase is always half the fun. Especially since the ladies just come to me now that I’m so famous everyone knows my name. I’ve made my play now, and I intend to finish it. Jo will be mine. Intended for 18+ audiences.

CHRISTMAS REPLAY: A Holiday Sports Romance with an HEA

By: Lena Bourne

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