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Dead Sea Salt is one of the most important salt sources on earth. People from all over the world visit the Dead Sea to enjoy its many health benefits. According to biblical records, the Dead Sea was formed at the lowest part of the earth. Water came in through evaporation and minerals were accumulated as salt. Over thousands of years, these minerals formed a beautiful crystal structure that was very thick and fine and eventually became a spa.

dead sea salt

Dead Sea Salt is highly refined and it is known for its high mineral composition. When you buy dead sea salt from israel, you can be sure that the minerals are highly refined and the overall mineral composition is excellent. Minerals from the dead sea salt are harvested by tiny pump machines and they are then drawn and dried to make salt.

New research has shown that dead sea salt may help prevent certain types of skin aging. It has been found that the minerals found in this salt can stimulate collagen production and help protect against free radicals. Free radicals and other toxins in our bodies damage our cells and fibers; this causes skin aging. Some of the toxins found in our bodies include carbon dioxide, which makes us breathe more easily; pesticides that are used on vegetables and fruits; and excess sun exposure, which also breaks down our skin.

In addition to helping prevent the skin aging process, natural salts from dead salts have many other health benefits. The minerals found in these natural salts stimulate natural healing on the cellular level. This helps reduce inflammation, pain and helps restore balance on the immune system, liver and colon. As the body fights against illness, it also releases natural healing chemicals that help speed up the healing process.

For example, sodium bromide is found in the mineral known as sodium chloride. Bromide is the color of burnt coffee. The minerals found in dead sea salt contain sodium bromide along with sodium fluoride and potassium chloride, which are each important for skin health.

In addition to helping improve the skin, these minerals improve overall health by promoting better blood circulation. Blood circulation is necessary for detoxifying the body. Poor blood circulation is believed to be one of the leading causes of inflammation. Inflammation is also thought to be a contributor to conditions like cardiovascular disease and arthritis. With these properties, it’s no wonder that many people believe that these salts can help improve their overall health.

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