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Deathly Embrace

Posted in Paranormal

Deathly Embrace

An unexpected joint inheritance requires Logan and Paige to live together in the old Dunsford family home for a year. It all seems simple enough. But it’s not simple at all. The ghost of Annie Dunsford haunts the old house determined to extract revenge from Logan for her untimely murder by his ancestor. She is beautiful, passionate and deadly, seducing Logan into explosive sexual encounters that leave him sexually frustrated, physically drained and afraid to sleep alone. Already attracted to her housemate, Logan’s vulnerability sparks something deep in Paige’s soul as together they oust Annie from Logan’s bed. Tenderness and trust replaces old childhood misconceptions and the sexual attraction simmering between them explodes into unexpected desire. The ghost is furious at the emotions developing between Logan and Paige, and they find themselves fighting for their lives. Their joint struggle to survive the ghost’s fury brings them closer together. But can their love overcome the dead woman’s desire for revenge.

Deathly Embrace


This Book Was Placed In The Paranormal Genre.

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