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Posted in Thriller


Eluded is a suspenseful, romantic, and dangerous adventure that will keep you guessing until the end. Charlotte Vaughn and her sister, Megan, couldn’t be any more different. When Charlotte shows up at a bartending job to cover for her free spirited sister, she discovers that Megan is deeply involved in a secret, criminal life. If that isn’t shocking enough, Megan is now missing and Charlotte will be forced to fill in for Megan within the business until Megan is found. Charlotte has no choice but to team up with D, a menacing but charismatic gangster, and immerse herself in this brutal criminal underworld to look for her sister. Will she find Megan? Does Megan want to be found?


By: Michelle Michaels

This Book Was Placed In The Thriller Genre.

This Book Normally Costs – $3.56

This Book Was Free At Posting! Be Sure To Come Back Here To Get It Free First!

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