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John Brandt is a man on the edge of professional burnout and personal self-destruction. Can the sweet innocence of the new neighbor help Johnny find the peace he has been seeking so desperately? Fragile Catherine Kavanagh is grieving and alone with nothing but faith and determination to sustain her. Will the boyish charm of the neighborhood Cassanova be able to break through the fear and heartache that clouds Catherine’s future? EXCERPT: Catherine stroked his head while he cried and her tears dropped like rain into his hair. She should have never let him get so close. Now he would have to pay the price for her selfishness. “I am sorry, Love. So sorry,” she said, tenderly through her tears. “I should have been more careful with your heart.”~ CATHERINE KAVANAGH (Regular Print Paperbacak also available)

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By: Michele Pollock Dalton

This Book Was Placed In The Christian Genre.

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