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Are you an entrepreneur or creative person who knows the future has great things in store for them? The 12 Commandments is a book for all creative persons who want to achieve great things in business or art and need a little guidance. By following the steps laid out you will learn to think in a manner that has propelled the most successful entrepreneurs in the past. Some of the things you will learn in “The 12 Commandment for Entrepreneur and Creative People” include; -Why the ability to focus is the singular most important trait of successful entrepreneurs and creative people despite it being a missing piece to the puzzle in most success books -Why most decisions an entrepreneur makes must have the end goal in mind even if it costs them some money today -Why you must become a person of principle if you are ever going to become really successful and enjoy that success -Why money managements is a key skill for every successful person (Our schools really let us down on this one) -Why you must become a student of marketing if you really want to be successful. This applies for all businesses including any arts profession and even just getting a job And much more…

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By: Kennedth Dino

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