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Come join the fun in Shimmerfield with the first three books in the series! Spooky Business (Book 1) — In witch Jane returns home, only to discover chaos. That is, the haunted house populated by real vampires, ghosts, and skeletons is exactly how she left it. Jane Garbo has tried to live a normal life, but given that she’s a witch, that just isn’t possible. Her family runs a world-famous haunted house in an old mansion in Maine, and when Jane runs out of options she moves back home. What her family has neglected to tell her is that there are serious problems at the mansion, and no one knows what’s at the root of the trouble. If Jane can’t solve the mystery, more lives could be lost. Including her own. Spooky Spells (Book 2) — In witch a wedding takes place at Haunted Bluff Mansion. Much to Grandmother Cookie’s chagrin, it isn’t for one of her granddaughters. But that becomes less of a concern when the best man is murdered. Jane is forced to confront the idea that she really wants to be a detective, a realization made all the more difficult by the presence of the former chief investigator. Will Jane find the killer before someone else is murdered? Will she see Grant Hastings again? Will there even be a wedding? It all depends on Jane. Spooky Spider (Book 3) — Spiders are spooky, especially when they’re as big as trucks and might be murderers. As usual at Haunted Bluff Mansion, nothing is as simple as it appears. The only thing Jane and her friends know to be true is that Grandmother Cookie’s life is in danger. Given how Cookie has treated everyone over the years, that doesn’t exactly narrow down the suspect pool. As Jane wades deeper into the latest mystery, she finds out that very little is as it appears. If she doesn’t untangle the puzzle in time, it won’t just be Cookie’s life on the line.

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By: Addison Creek

This Book Was Placed In The Mystery Genre.

This Book Normally Costs – $7.13

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