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Posted in Action and Adventure

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Hiding from her psychotic ex takes Mitch to the best thing that’s ever happened in her sorry life. The Greek God of a savior has got to be too good to be true. Jamie quickly decides that Mitch is the partner him and his cousin, Kevin, have been searching for. Mitch has never had a good relationship with a man, never mind two at once. Her over achieving brain has the two ex SEALs heads spinning. Security, one of their many businesses, was easy until now. While the men struggle to keep Mitch and her daughter Jess in their lives, her ex has other plans. When hidden doubts threaten to tear them apart, our resident genius thinks she has a way to ease those doubts and become the family she’s always longed for. There is very little Mitch can’t do, but can she survive what her ex has planned for her? Can her men stop him in time?

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By: L. Ann Marie

This Book Was Placed In The Action and Adventure Genre.

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