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Milf is an abbreviation for “Mom id like to fuck.” If you are young and your college teacher doesn’t give you rest, Your friend’s mom is too good, and your neighbor’s wife nicely smiles at you, you hesitate and do not know how to communicate with women much older than you … This book contains practical information on how to communicate with Milfs, How to behave so as not to be rejected, provided practical patterns of behavior with women of different types. The material is based on the personal experience and observations of the author; scientific knowledge from human neurobiology and human physiology has also been adopted. Real life examples, including successful ones, are described. The author will show what needs to be done to get the very woman you are dreaming about and offers her “course of a young fighter” to be completed, to be successful with women, and in life in general. Perhaps, after reading this book, your friend will find his mom’s bra in your room … who knows …

Follow the Author

By: Vinzent De Marco

This Book Was Placed In The How To Genre.

This Book Normally Costs – $3.56

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