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Is the Glass Ceiling Also a Mirror? To create a culture that values what women in the workplace bring to the table, what comes first: collective change or individual change? Do they have to change first? Or do we? As long as we believe “they” are the problem and the answer is “out there” – above us, below us, beside us – we will never fully embrace the real source of our power to create the life you are meant to live. How do you see yourself? That’s the leverage no one is talking about. Change your words – change your world. The way you see yourself each day IS the answer you seek. Meet Kari, Ranee, Gabriella, Darsha, Avalene, Jalila, and Nikki. Quite a crew they are: endearing, fun, outspoken, creative and courageous. Together, they are the Sisterhood of Seven. Their mindsets will be familiar: I have to be perfect. I need permission. If I work hard enough, I will be rewarded. Their stories will be life-changing – professionally and personally. The Sisterhood of Seven is a light in the darkness for all women, a manual of truth, a manifesto of hope that transcends age, culture, economic status or leadership position. Let it prove that, without doubt, you are already enough. Even in the midst of society’s drumbeat of be more, do more, give more, life does not have to be so hard. Let the Sisterhood teach you new ways of thinking that will elevate your life, professionally and personally. Their wisdom will inspire you to rewrite your personal narrative, day by day, decision by decision. When we each do this and truly own our piece of the Narrative, there will be a collective ROAR so loud that everyone will be able to hear. The glass ceiling will come crumbling down. At last, sweet sisters, at last. It starts with Your Lion Inside. Right here. Right now. Check out the website too ________________________________________________________ 2020 will be the 100th anniversary for women earning the right to vote in the U.S. The #MeToo movement is symbolic of a much larger story. You are a very important part of this story regardless of whether you consider yourself a feminist or not. This book reveals the big picture AND reveals the steps you can take in your life to be part of this revolutionary shift for women across the world. Your Lion Inside is an invitation to own your success by understanding why you make the decisions you do and how to unleash your highest potential. The past one hundred years is still impacting us. You have the power to change the direction of the next one hundred years – this is a powerful realization for mothers and daughters! “I cannot say enough about this extraordinarily powerful and passionate woman, Kimberly Faith. I’ve had the opportunity to learn from the “sisters” she speaks of in the book and it will rock you at your core. If you want to remove barriers standing between you and your best self, this book is a must read! Michelle, corporate leader in the tech industry “Even though I am not usually drawn to self-help books, I was drawn to Your Lion Inside. The book details ways in which women can harness their inner power to be all they can be. I personally struggle with self-confidence so the information and techniques in the book were extremely helpful. I plan to incorporate many of the messages into my daily like. Kim’s style of using a sisterhood to portray her messages was artfully carried out.” Official Online Book Review “This book, in its bold and unapologetic view, identifies the short-comings of our current narrative around women in the workplace. And in so doing, simultaneously provides embracing and thought provoking ways for women to change their inner monologue, and indeed change the Narrative, to long-term benefit of man and woman-kind.” Matthew Price, PhD, Global Director – Media & Technology, Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience You have the power to change the world, day by day, decision by decision. Allow your greatness to shine TODAY

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By: Kimberly Faith

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