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Imagine How It Would Feel To Have The Ability To Talk To Anyone …That Lady Sitting Across The Room From You Sipping On Her Latte…The Man Sitting Next To You On The Plane…The Person Next To You Who Is Also Standing At The Crosswalk…And To Have The Ability To Turn This Conversation Into A Long-Term Friendship… That is exactly what this book is about. You will be taken step-by-step so that you will have the ability to start a conversation with anyone, never run out of things to say, and most of all turn that conversation into a lasting friendship. About 7 years ago, after my 5-year relationship ended, I felt it was confused and like I had lost my ability to connect with others. The simple thought of talking to someone new gave me chills down my spine. I was afraid to talk to people because I thought I would be perceived as boring and run out of things to say. Then I woke up one day and thought to myself; we are all human, we all have fears and the only way to overcome the fears is to take action – so I went out into the world and experimented. Over the next few months, I talked to thousands of people, had thousands of meaningful conversation that have turned into long-lasting friendships. I learned the secret of how to talk to anyone , and I want to share it with you because I’ve learned is that the ability to connect and fully understand other people is by far the most powerful tool you can have in life. Here Are The Topics That Will Be Covered: – The 10 Steps To Having A Successful Conversation – Over 25 Incredible Conversation Starters – How To Easily Talk To Anyone – How To Never Forget Someone’s Name – What Someone’s Body Language Is Telling You – The 10 Simple Steps To Making Any Story Powerful & Unforgettable – How To Break the Ice With A Neighbor, Co-Worker, or Someone Your Attracted To – The Top 17 Locations To Meet New People How To Never Run Out Of Things To Say – How To Make Your Voice Sound The Way YOU Want It To – How To Become A Better Listener – How To Read Peoples’ Emotions – And Much More! Imagine how refreshing it will feel to have the ability to step inside a room and comfortably have a conversation with anyone you choose. Tags: how to talk to anyone, how to make friends, how to win friends and influence people, stepping out of your comfort zone, how to have confidence and power in dealing with people, how to stop worrying and start living, build friendships that last, quality relationships, self help, mindfulness, consciousness, understanding, communication, exchanging ideas, connecting with others, love and respect, your personality tree, genuine attitude, people skills

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By: Matt Morris

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