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Posted in Paranormal

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Stephen is a young man with extraordinary talents. Having both learned that he is a descendant of one of King David’s mighty men and chosen to fight on the side of the Almighty against Fallen in a battle for humanity, Stephen joined the Mighty at their underground base—Enclave. He was joined by his friend, Vincent, and girlfriend, Patty. As the search continues for Stephen’s oldest friend, Bernard—now turned Fallen, stakes are raised. Not only does Stephen feel pressured to meet expectations and save humanity, but a turn of events reveals that he is now in the crosshairs of the enemy. In addition, Vincent’s mom is kidnapped in order for Fallen to get even closer to his friend, Stephen. With both their lives now on the line, his friends—old and new—rally to his aid, putting their own needs aside for the good of all. But, will someone from the past resurface to claim Stephen’s life? Or, will Stephen’s training be enough to overcome a prophecy foretelling his death?

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This Book Was Placed In The Paranormal Genre.

This Book Normally Costs – $3.56

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