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Hi, my name is Manny Monday. I have no idea why my parents didn’t name me something cool, like Mad Dog Monday or Muscles Monday. Oh well. At least I have my dog, Fartypants. And when things get serious…I become NINJA BOY! Follow NINJA BOY on this hilarious adventure as he deals with… -Sleep Farting in Science Class? -Girlfriend Kidnapping Giants -Stinkalators -Mount Hogsnort henchmen -Evil ninjas -Biff and Lonnie, the bully brothers Yeah, it’s about to get serious…. With charming and hilarious illustrations and creative storytelling, the Diary of NINJA BOY & Fartypants is a must-read for any kid who loves fun adventures! Kids ages 9-13 (even reluctant readers), and middle schoolers can’t wait to dive in to these Ninja Boy stories! Be sure to check out book 2, Attack of the Bathroom Pirates! and book 3, Minecraft Dance Party Danger! You can even check out Ninja Toe’s Facebook page.

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