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Posted in Thriller

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Unrequited love: defined as love not reciprocated or returned in kind. Unrequited love becomes the bane of police detective Tess Champion’s existence in the town of Aurora, Colorado. Unrequited love will soon become the bane of several other women’s existence as well. While struggling to rebuild her life after an attempted rape, Tess Champion is thrown into case after case of women who have suffered what she had…and worse. In the midst of the terror, a new man arises, someone she might be able to build a life with. Will this man be the savior she desperately needs in her life, or will he, in the end, be the one to finish it? For readers 18 and older, contains adult content. Books Two and Three in this series are now available!

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By: LR Potter

This Book Was Placed In The Thriller Genre.

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