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Posted in Sci Fi

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The universe is full of pleasures and adventures… You just need to know where to find them. You may get an occasional spanking by a bizarre, but exceedingly polite alien race. You may need to take part in an erotic photoshoot to encourage workers on a lonely, distant planet. You may become involved in a nobleman’s search for long-lost girlfriend… And well, in your spare time, you can always snuggle with the handsome, but timid junior accountant or start another lesbian affair. Stella is an exceedingly sexual being looking for her place in this chaotic world. And in many, many other worlds, too. Followed by: “Stellarsexual: Taking Off” “Stellarsexual: The Space Mikado, or Rule 34”

Follow the Author

By: Caroline BeneŇ°

This Book Was Placed In The Sci Fi Genre.

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