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Posted in Paranormal

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If you’re in the mood for steamy shifter romance and fun, you’ve come to the right place: Pine Ridge. Raised to hate bear shifters, Alice has enough problems, especially with her father and brother giving her grief all the time and trying to make her do all the work around the house. But now, on her very first “hunting” trip — hunting bear shifters, that is — she realizes something big. Shifters aren’t the demons her father and brother think they are. As soon as her father shoots one, wounding it, Alice leaps to protect it from being killed. That’s when it shifts, changing from a bear to a tall, naked and very sexy man . . . and she realizes she might be in over her head. Oh, and great! He’s got a bullet wound in the shoulder thanks to her father. Now she has to choose between her family and a man she’s never met before. Taggart has big problems, too. Raised all his life by a radical bear shifter crew that hates the outside world, the Black Valley clan, he’s decided enough is enough. He wants something different for his life. But as soon as he breaks loose of the crew and sets out for the bright lights of Pine Ridge, he gets shot. And who’s the only one that sticks up for him but the curvy daughter of the sniper himself? Now Alice and Taggart must go on the run not just from her family but from all the bear shifters of Black Valley. How can they trust each other when each was raised to hate the other? Things get REALLY complicated when they realize that each has feelings for the other. This is a standalone HEA bear shifter paranormal romance short novel, first in the Pine Ridge Bear Shifter series. Content warning: Contains swear words, a sassy heroine and steamy bear shifter action.

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By: Belinda Meyers

This Book Was Placed In The Paranormal Genre.

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