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When young Max finds a relic in an antique store, he is magically transported, along with his brother and stepsister, into the past. Suddenly, it’s the turn of the twentieth century in New York City and Max, Peri, and Henry quickly realize they’re not alone. In fact, they’re among the hundreds of immigrants arriving at Ellis Island. Right away, the quest begins. As the children come to the aid of famous and ordinary people, including Annie Moore and Jacob Riis, they try to discover how they were sent back in time and what they have to do to get home. Only it isn’t that easy. The pursuit for answers takes them to the tenements on the Lower East Side where they search for the key to solve their mystery. Join Peri, Henry, and Max on their adventure with the help of actual photographs, historic documents, artwork, projects, games, and recipes that make the past come alive. Make Irish soda bread and dill pickles, try to live on an immigrant’s salary, match slang from the 1900s to modern-day words, learn a card game popular on immigrant ships, and more. “The result is a top recommendation for any who want to bring history alive to young readers.” (Midwest Book Reviews) In Book Two, the mystery deepens. Peri and her stepbrothers find themselves in the Middle Ages, where the tales told by their fellow travelers make it clear there is more to the relic, the journey, and history than the children ever imagined. The mystery of how and why they are going back in time grows as the children suspect they aren’t the only ones with a secret.

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By: Suzanne Roche

This Book Was Placed In The Children’s Books Genre.

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