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Posted in Action and Adventure

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Joker is a sexy as sin, dirty mouthed, bad boy, hard-drinking, Harley-riding Immortal Enforcer who hides his broken heart and a dark secret with bawdy jokes and rowdy behavior. This All Hallows Eve Jenienne, the woman who broke his heart, will crash back into his life with supernatural trouble hot on her heels! Now the Immortal Enforcers of the Twin Ravens MC are scrambling to guard their secrets, while keeping the human realm safe. But, Joker’s battles are much more personal. How is his beloved little Cajun Queen still alive after nearly two centuries? Is this a second chance for Joker and his sultry Cajun Queen or will EVIL triumph? This story is intended for readers over 18 years of age due to adult content.

Follow the Authors

By: Audra Hart

This Book Was Placed In The Action and Adventure Genre.

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