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There are a number of tools available to marketers who wish to connect with authoritative figures through their content. These include Jasper AI, MarketMuse, Copy AI, and Outranking AI Writer. However, which of these will work best for your business? There are pros and cons to each. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular options.

Jasper AI

Jasper AI Writer has a simple interface that makes using it as easy as possible. Its dashboard gives you easy access to tools that you can use to write text, and it comes with three pre-formatted templates that you can use to create your content. You can also create your own custom templates, and Jasper will help you with the editing process.

You can use Jasper to create copy for a variety of purposes, including articles and copy ads. It has a paragraph generator that generates short snippets, blog-post features that can pump out a 1,000-word article in no time, and AI art generators that create pieces of artwork based on provided data. The software can generate a decent draft of your text in less than 30 minutes. However, many people worry about its accuracy.

Jasper AI is easy to use, so even non-techies can use it. It comes with an intuitive interface and tutorials to guide you through basic functions. The company also regularly updates Jasper, so the software will continue to improve. With more features to come, Jasper will continue to be a top choice for writers. If you want to get the most out of the program, consider buying a Pro Unlimited plan for the software. It offers unlimited words and credits.

Jasper AI is a powerful copywriting tool that can create content for a variety of different purposes, including Facebook ads and blog articles. Jasper can also create product descriptions, sales emails, and video scripts. It can even help you with SEO content. Jasper AI Writer can help you overcome writer’s block and create engaging copy for your website or blog.

The program has great writing suggestions, and can help you to improve your grammar and style. It can also provide you with ideas for new writing. By listening to your writing, Jasper will give you feedback on how to improve it. This will help you to write better and improve your style and organization. There are also writing prompts included in Jasper that can help you improve your writing.

Outranking AI Writer

Outranking AI Writer is an advanced content creation platform that makes the process of writing SEO-friendly content easy and automated. The AI-driven content creation platform is available in 13 languages, enables you to write content in a variety of styles and topics, and offers comprehensive SERP analysis and optimization. Its user-friendly interface allows you to create compelling content in just a few clicks.

Outranking AI Writer has eight different templates that allow it to extract the most important concepts from a text and convert them into bulleted sentences and steps. This helps you avoid writer’s block and create better content. The software is designed to get you about 60-70% closer to completing your content than you would be without it.

Jasper AI is another very efficient content generation tool. It is able to take your commands and automatically generate any type of content for you, including SEO titles and meta descriptions. This makes it one of the best copywriting software options available. The software has over 50,000 active users and an extensive clientele.

Hypotenuse AI is another excellent AI copywriting solution that offers numerous features. Its AI-based tools can generate blog posts, product descriptions, and outlines. Additionally, it can also create content for social media. It can even generate Instagram captions and Google/Facebook Ad copy. By taking into account these features, it’s easy to see why this AI is the preferred choice for many businesses.

Smart Copy is another AI copywriting software that can automatically generate ad copy. This AI-driven copywriting software has a reputation for creating effective ads on Amazon, Facebook, and LinkedIn. It can also write descriptions for eCommerce products. It can also generate multiple headlines and blog posts. It can even help brainstorm new product ideas.

Copy AI

One of the greatest benefits of using an AI copywriting tool is that it can produce top-quality content quickly and easily. Once you feed AI with the necessary inputs, it will create the best content possible, reducing the amount of time needed for editing and revision. You can even use an AI copywriting tool to write meta titles and descriptions, and to find and place keywords in body text. AI copywriting tools are not perfect, but they can make your job a lot easier.

There are many features to The Best AI Writer, including the ability to work in over 25 languages. This feature can help you communicate more effectively with non-English speaking customers and clients. In addition, the copywriting software includes a long-form content editor that helps you write long-form content for blog posts that rank high in Google. Another great feature of the software is its flexibility, allowing you to specify the tone and style of your message.

Another powerful AI copywriting tool is Copysmith. This tool is perfect for ecommerce businesses and is similar to Copy AI, but with more diverse use cases. It can write content for blog posts, Facebook ads, and Google ads. It also generates copy for YouTube videos. It is built on the GPT-3 algorithm and supports 25 languages.

Another benefit of using an AI copywriting tool is that it can help you fight burnout and produce more effective content more quickly. It is important to choose an AI copywriting tool that integrates well with other third-party apps. Furthermore, an AI copywriting tool should be easy to use and intuitive to use.

If you want to automate your copywriting task, an AI copywriting tool should include a plagiarism checker as one of its main features. A good AI copywriting tool should also allow you to collaborate with the AI writer to approve content and get feedback on the content. Moreover, it should also allow you to collaborate with your team for the final approval of content.

While most content is written to increase Google rankings and reach more people, there is no reason to stop you from using an AI for conversion. A smart AI is capable of writing content that is tailored to your specific audience and goals. By using AI, you can generate effective content that will convert visitors to paying customers.


If you want to write better articles, you’ve come to the right place. MarketMuse has the AI-based writing skills you need. It analyzes content on your website and determines the difficulty level. It also prioritizes topics. As a result, MarketMuse’s content is better optimized and more likely to rank highly in search results. This AI-powered writer has a long list of impressive features.

This AI-based tool can write high-quality articles, landing pages, emails, Facebook ads, and more. It even knows how to define your site’s authority and generates content to match your needs. You can even use it to generate FAQs and external links for your articles. MarketMuse also makes it easy to create SEO-optimized landing pages.

As an added benefit, MarketMuse has built-in Grammarly. The writing assistant is an amazing help. It is also free, so you can use it for free. You can also sign up for Grammarly’s business plan if you have more than three writers. While MarketMuse is not an SEO-focused AI writer, it can improve your content’s marketability and production value. While you may want to use it as a writing assistant, you should still consider other options.

MarketMuse has three plans. The free version allows you to make up to 35 queries per month, while the standard plan comes with unlimited queries and projects. You can also choose the premium version, which costs $12,000 per year. This plan has unlimited queries, projects, and exports. You can choose from two or three-year plans to get the maximum benefits from this AI writing tool.

There are many AI writer tools available for writers. Each of them can improve with time and experience. While writing takes time, effort, and money, AI-driven copywriting tools can take away the time and hassle of generating content. It can even edit the content to ensure it’s grammatically correct.

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