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If you are considering hiring a cleaning service to clean your Airbnb property, I Dream Clean is a great choice. Their cleaning professionals are trained in their trade and have the necessary experience to complete the job quickly and thoroughly. Moreover, they have the knowledge and training necessary to follow strict COVID-19 guidelines. That’s why they are the best choice for your short-term rentals.

I Dream Clean’s online booking system makes it easy to schedule cleanings and communicate with your cleaning team. It also enables owners to specify what needs to be done for a particular cleaning, based on priorities. Its mobile app and inventory management system also make it easy to manage your property’s cleaning schedule. The service is also affordable, with discounts for clients who book at least 10 turnovers each month.

I Dream Clean’s EZCare service is a good choice for Airbnb turnover cleaning. Its professional cleaners have vast experience in cleaning vacation rentals and follow strict guidelines. They use I Dream Clean’s software to ensure that every corner of a property is cleaned thoroughly. They even take pictures of the process. I Dream Clean’s customer support is also highly responsive.


I Dream Clean is an excellent option for Airbnb turnover cleaning. Their highly-trained experts have the necessary expertise to do the job correctly and efficiently. They are trained to follow the strict guidelines set by Airbnb to ensure that the properties are spotless and ready to welcome guests. The service is thorough and offers a mobile app to help the hosts track their cleaning progress.

The online booking system of I Dream Clean automates the process, which makes it easy for property owners to schedule cleanings easily and efficiently. They can create lists of scheduled cleanings and assign cleaners to specific jobs. They can even set priorities and specify what types of jobs they want done. Other features of the website include an inventory management system and mobile applications. I Dream Clean has a reputation as one of the best turnover Airbnb cleaning companies in the market. The company offers a competitive price and a high-quality service. They also offer discounts to clients who perform at least 10 turnovers per month.

In addition to offering turnkey cleaning, TIDY also allows users to customize their own “To-Do” lists for their cleaning professionals. Users can also add photos and specify the order of the jobs. It also allows users to schedule recurring cleanings, schedule automatic payments, and view inventory.


EZCare is a housekeeping management software similar to Airbnb. It allows owners to easily schedule cleaning projects and pay cleaners through autopay. The application also syncs with Airbnb and VRBO calendars and integrates with iCal. It also offers a free 14-day trial. The monthly fee is $8 per property. It can be used for up to five properties.

EZCare has a simple user interface and a team of cleaning experts with extensive experience in vacation rental cleaning. They know how to follow Airbnb’s Enhanced Cleaning Protocol for COVID-19 and ensure that every part of the property is thoroughly cleaned. If something goes wrong, EZCare takes a photo of the damage so that the property manager can see what the problem is.

Turnover cleaning is an important part of the Airbnb process. It is crucial to hire a reliable service. Fortunately, EZCare offers the highest quality service for a competitive price. Their experts are experienced in vacation rental cleaning and are familiar with the rules and regulations. They make sure every detail of the rental property is cleaned properly, from emptying refrigerators to replacing toilet paper. This helps ensure that your Airbnb rental property is in the best possible condition for guests.


I Dream Clean offers turn-around cleaning services for short-term rentals. The company’s professionals are highly experienced and trained to get the job done efficiently. Their service follows strict guidelines outlined by Airbnb. This makes them an excellent choice for rental properties that experience a lot of turnover.

I Dream Clean’s online booking system makes the process of booking cleaners as simple as possible for property owners. The system also allows property owners to make a schedule for the cleanings. They can even assign specific cleaners to certain jobs, and can set priorities. Other features include an inventory management system and a mobile app. I Dream Clean is one of the top turnover Airbnb cleaning companies, and their service is highly-rated by clients. In addition to a top-quality team, I Dream Clean also offers discounted rates for clients who perform at least 10 turnovers a month.

The company’s cleaning experts specialize in vacation rentals and understand the strict guidelines of Airbnb. The company uses a thorough checklist to ensure the property is clean and well-maintained. It also uses photos to document their work. Their customer support team is responsive and works with property owners to address their concerns.


Properly is a visual checklist app that helps Airbnb hosts streamline their cleaning processes. The app integrates with Airbnb and notifies hosts of new bookings and scheduled cleanings. In order to schedule cleanings, hosts must login to the app. Once a job is scheduled, the app will send it to a cleaning professional. The app breaks cleaning jobs into 4 different sections. Each section contains a checklist to follow while the cleaner is cleaning your Airbnb property.

Properly cleaning your Airbnb account is important to ensure that your guests enjoy a pleasant and clean stay. Start by removing visible dirt, debris, and germs. Make sure to also disinfect your equipment, like your vacuum cleaner. Also, inspect each room thoroughly to ensure that it is clean and ready for your next guests.

It’s also important to follow local laws regarding cleanliness and health. You should ensure that you clean your Airbnb property following the safety guidelines. In the U.S., the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that you clean your Airbnb property several hours after a guest leaves. This buffer will minimize the risk of exposure to germs and give you enough time to thoroughly clean your space.


Hostfully is an award-winning vacation rental software platform that makes it easy to manage your rental properties. Hostfully provides all the tools needed for managing your vacation rental from one dashboard. The program offers three different pricing plans. You can subscribe monthly for as little as $49, or sign up for an annual subscription for $18 per month per property. Hostfully offers support to its customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Hostfully also offers a comprehensive maintenance portal. This portal allows you to access your bookings and manage maintenance requests. It has a booking engine built in, as well as bi-directional integrations with popular travel agencies. It allows you to manage all of your bookings from one location, and it automatically assigns jobs to your agents.

Another feature that makes Hostfully stand out is their digital guidebooks. Guests can access their personalized guidebooks online, which are beautifully designed. The site can be accessed by the guest from any device. It also has a mobile web app, making it easy for guests to view guidebooks on the go.


MaidThis is one of the nation’s top cleaning franchises, offering hassle-free house cleaning services. The company touts itself as a “millennial-friendly” business, with a flexible, fully remote working model. Parekh, who spent five years traveling the world and managing a team of remote workers, is also a mentor to other entrepreneurs.

The tech-enabled company provides cleaning services for Airbnb hosts and has been in business for several years. Its staff is trained to handle short-term rental spaces and provide thorough inspections to ensure that the Airbnb host’s home is in good condition. Since Airbnb is all about reviews, cleanliness plays a huge role in a five-star review.

MaidThis has an automated system to book cleanings for Airbnb properties. It also has excellent customer service ratings. Customers have the advantage of being able to schedule cleanings on any day of the week. They are also responsive to feedback and constantly improve their service and technology. This makes it easier for the Airbnb host to find a cleaner who can clean their property quickly and reliably.

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