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Building a messenger bot is relatively easy. It is best to start building your bot by creating a small version of it and testing it on a single feature that is a do or die. It is best to test your application with one feature in mind and ensure that the entire application works properly and is user friendly. It is also best to make sure that the application can be opened and used by other users without any problems.

If you have a simple bot then you can use the BotStudio’s mobile web applications and post it on their customer support portal. The customer support team will provide you some time to debug and update the application that will then work as expected.

The latest version of BotStudio will allow you to have a quick chat with customer support using live chat. The customer support team is available at all times and your agent can see the help desk representative in real time.

When working on your Messenger Bot, make sure that it has basic features that include: lists, call and create, get messages, create messages, ping. The commands are fairly similar but not the same. Here are some basics for your Bot that will help you in getting started.

Set up a login. Create a new login so that when a user makes a request for a message or other things from the bot, this is the login that is used to access your application.

Send a message that includes the message ID. This will help in sending messages that the bot receives.

Send a message with its text. This will help in sending things to other users. It will help the bot in understanding the requests that it gets from other users.

Check if the bot supports a business model. For example, Facebook’s MessengerBot supports Facebook’s WebHooks and integration with the Facebook app.

Check the API gateway with the open API. There should be an API gateway to the message queue that you can use to send and receive messages.

Set up a couple of tasks to send a message and create a new message. Then you can create a new task.

Send a message that includes the message ID. This will help in sending messages that the bot receives.

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