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With the popularity of eBook readers, it should come as no surprise that many are seeking a full eBook for free. After all, the eBook market is growing at a reported 4x faster than the average per year, so there is always plenty of room for growth. The great thing about an eBook is that you can get one for free and use it forever – after all, that’s what most people are looking for. Unfortunately, the freebie doesn’t come without a catch.

The first problem is most people are looking to download a free eBook in order to read it on their computer. That means they will have to download the file, read it, and then either save it or move it to the library. If they choose to save it, they probably won’t be able to access it again, unless they have uninstalling it. Even then, they could forget it was even there. It is difficult, if not impossible, to go back and retrieve something that was recently deleted from your computer.

What’s worse is that eBook distributors frequently go through all this trouble just to make money from their customers. They make the books available at full price and then charge additional for various extras. For instance, they may include free bonus ebooks as a part of the “deal”. But how do you know if you’ve downloaded everything you can handle? If you’ve opened everything and checked it against your files, you may not be able to find anything you didn’t already know. And if you’ve downloaded the full version and opened it before making any purchases, you have nothing to protect.

What should you do instead? What if you could get a full ebook for free, but only if you agree to never share it with anyone else? The good news is that the software for this purpose exists. There is a program, called Open Office, that can read Word files and other document files. You can convert your Word document into an eBook with our simple conversion wizard.

Here’s how it works: once you have converted your file, download the completed file from our site, and save it on your computer. Next, install the Open Office software on your computer. Open a.txt file (the same file you saved your original Word document) and put the converted text into it.

That’s it! Your completed eBook is ready to print, and all you have to do is provide the URL of your website where your visitors can download your eBook. Free, of course, but still a good deal better than spending money on shipping. You’re welcome.

Now, what if you don’t like Open Office? Don’t worry. There are other alternatives, including those offered by competitors, and they’re a lot more robust. One product provides even more functions than Open Office. Visit our website for a list of download sources.

There are several good reasons to offer free eBooks. For one thing, your visitors could be really interested in your free eBook. Who wouldn’t be? It’s written for them and designed specifically to their needs. What’s more, it’s free. Who wouldn’t want that?

Secondly, your readers will be happy to get it for free. After all, who wants to pay for an eBook that doesn’t have anything to offer? If you’ve written a valuable information product that your customers really need, you’ll have little trouble getting them to buy it with a free download. After all, they’re likely to have a lot of friends who would love to get the same information you have.

Finally, offering a free download is a great way to build your brand. People trust you, and they’ll want to visit your site as well. So the free download tactic is really smart. Just be careful about where you place it.

A free eBook is one of the best ways to build a relationship with your potential customers. It’s easy, affordable, and it’s free. What could be better?

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