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Project Echo 31: There’s A Time To Love

Posted in Romance

Project Echo 31: There's A Time To Love

In this romantic sci-fi adventure, Luke must make a choice: Stop the marriage that ruins his life in two decades or give in to temptation and take the good times in between. Can he learn to live with the means justifying the end? Luke Summers is emotionally broken. His twenty-year marriage has just come to a bitter, heartbreaking end and he is struggling to find the will to put the pieces of his life back together with such a large section missing. Every problem he has known for years seems to be rooted in those damned vows of matrimony. If only there was a way to undo what was done so long ago… His friend is a physicist with a contract to change the world. He confides in Luke something as absurd as it is wondrous. “We have almost perfected the art of time-travel.” Seeing his chance to rid himself of the slow cancer that was his ruined marriage, Luke convinces his friend to show him the machine. His friend explains that time-travel only applies to the consciousness, and that it is far from an exact science. Midway through the explanation of the rules, Luke seizes his opening and starts the machine while his friend’s back is turned. He concentrates on the day he met Stephanie, his ex-wife. He sees a light at the end of this dark tunnel of pain and then… He blinks, disoriented. He sees the church. His tuxedo. His best man. He travelled back to their wedding day! Dazed but on a mission to stop the biggest mistake he ever made, he storms through the church looking for Stephanie. He is looking for his ex-wife, but he isn’t expecting to find his bride-to-be. There stands, not the woman who destroyed his life, but the woman he fell in love with so many years ago. He tries to stand firm and to complete his quest, but seeing Steph as she was then brings his buried feelings of love bubbling to the surface again. As he struggles to cope with his conflicted emotions, two shadowy figures appear on the horizon. They hold the contract for time-travel and Luke is breaking all the rules. You can never return to the past to alter it, only to relive it. He has told Stephanie, a resident of the past, about the existence of time-travel and now they both are in danger. As they struggle to make it to his trigger point so he can return to his time, the danger and the excitement drive them closer and closer together. Can the couple beat the odds and evade the Time Police? Will their newly rediscovered love prevail?

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Project Echo 31: There’s A Time To Love

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