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Realty Riches for Cowards

Posted in Business

Realty Riches for Cowards

Realty Riches for Cowards presents a proven and concise step-by-step approach to making money in real-estate. The information is based on the distillation of fifty years experience, owning and managing property. The essential topics include selecting the city and neighborhood in which to invest; selecting which house to buy; negotiating the purchase price; financing the property; what to do and not do when preparing a house for rent; managing workers; advertising the property; selecting tenants; managing tenants, evicting undesirable tenants and most importantly, the underlying philosophy of making money in real-estate. About the author: Ryan Scott lives in Austin, holding a Ph.D. in psychology. Coming from a background of poverty, he became self supporting and went to college by investing and managing real-estate. Other books he as published are: “Beyond Darkness, The Secrets of a Blind Psychologist,” “Stella” and “A Matter of Attitude.”

Realty Riches for Cowards

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