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Safe In A Stranger's Arms: A Katherine Bay Romance (The Mulleins of Katherine Bay Book 1)

Katherine Bay is a small town that hasn’t been kind to the Mullein family. After their mother’s death, ongoing harassment turns deadly as Jenna tries to unravel the truth behind her mother’s dying words, “promise me, Jenna, promise you won’t sell him the land”, and she discovers that far too many people in Katherine Bay have a vested interest in muddying the truth. As she struggles to sift through the secrets and lies, her persistent questions sees her thrown into desperate danger. When one woman ends up dead, and Jenna and her infant toddlers are assaulted, property developer, Gabe Callahan, steps in to help. Jenna doesn’t believe in second chances in love, or in life, and in Gabe she recognizes a kindred spirit, a loner hiding far too many secrets. Should she trust this stranger with secrets that could cost her the custody of her adored twin toddlers? Too late, she realises that Gabe is one of the good guys and her lack of trust threatens to cost them everything … even their lives. Set in New Zealand’s fabulous Coromandel Coast, Katherine Bay is a small town hiding its secrets. This is a fast paced romance, spiced with mystery, and intrigue. The first book in the series; A Katherine Bay Romance. Other books in the series: Yesterday’s Sins; A Perfect Lie; A Place Called Home; Caught By Her Spell

Safe In A Stranger’s Arms: A Katherine Bay Romance (The Mulleins of Katherine Bay Book 1)

By: Shirley Wine

This Book Was Placed In The Romance Genre.

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