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Second Epoch: A Speculative Suspense Novel (Epochs Book 1)

Posted in Historical

Second Epoch: A Speculative Suspense Novel (Epochs Book 1)

Bishop Trombley grew up hearing morality tales and lessons from his father, lessons he promptly forgot. Now, aged and alone, he takes to the road to find what those lessons meant, fleeing his failures and estranged relationship with his son in search of some meaning before he departs this earthly plane. Billie didn’t have parents alive to impart anything of the kind. Orphaned as an infant and deformed by an accident of birth, she has spent her years being taken care of by people who love her no more than she does them. Her view of the world has been through the dirty panes of the motel office window. There are dark secrets kept in the whispers of the people of Happy Valley and Bumpersville, WV, and she is part of those secrets. A soul-searching man ready to experience his last great adventure and an ill-tempered orphan seeking the past stumble onto a farming community’s hidden evil and need each other’s help to escape it.

Second Epoch: A Speculative Suspense Novel (Epochs Book 1)

By: Phillip Bryant

This Book Was Placed In The Historical Genre.

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