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Seeing Beyond the Natural, Student: Me… Professor: God: One Woman’s Personal Journey into the Realm of the Supernatural

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“This book gives you Faith to fight your battles!” No matter what happens… NEVER give up! And don’t give up on your dreams. Are you struggling in your Faith Walk? Do you know what to do when God is silent? Are you dealing with emotional pain or anger issues that stem from your childhood or a particular traumatic event? Do you need healing in some area of your life but don’t have the faith to believe? Has life overwhelmed you and you’ve seriously contemplated suicide? Well, hold on; there’s hope! You’ve selected the right book. A Powerful, Life-changing Read. A true account of debilitating trials & awe-inspiring triumph! #1 best-seller in Spirituality & Mysticism! The author takes you on a personal journey of her life. She knows firsthand that God communicates with His children in powerful ways that are oftentimes beyond our human understanding. Some experience miracles, visions, premonitions… the Supernatural. Read about miraculous physical healing, breakthroughs, and deliverance. Learn about what truly matters most to God and what exactly ushers in His Favor. ‘Seeing Beyond The Natural, Student: Me… Professor: God’ is a revolutionary book that will change your mind, change your perspective… change your life! You will never be the same again. It shares powerful insights that may be uncomfortable for some and revelations that have drastically changed the lives of others. It also illuminates the heart of God in such a way that will leave an indelible imprint in the hearts and minds of every single reader. TABLE OF CONTENTS Preface PART 1: PATHWAY TO THE MIRACULOUS One: The Impossible Made Possible Two: The Accident Three: No Pain … No Gain PART 2: SEEING BEYOND THE NATURAL Four: The First Prophecy Five: Dreams & Visions Six: Seeing What God Sees Seven: Death Dreams PART 3: DEMONS ARE REAL Eight: Demons Need Legal Ground Nine: Under Siege Ten: Defeating Depression for Good Eleven: Suffering for Good & Not Evil Twelve: No Condemnation PART 4: LESSONS FROM THE PROFESSOR Thirteen: Reaping What We Sow Fourteen: Be Happy for Others Fifteen: You Are Good Enough PART 5: WHEN THE BATTLE RAGES Sixteen: Peace Amid the Storm Seventeen: Faith for the Battle Eighteen: Peace That Passes All Understanding Nineteen: Speak To Your Circumstances Twenty: Grab Hold of the Blessing Twenty-One: The Mysterious Realm Conclusion Thirty Wisdom Keys from The Professor

Seeing Beyond the Natural, Student: Me… Professor: God: One Woman’s Personal Journey into the Realm of the Supernatural

By: Tanya Taylor

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