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Shade of Green: Two Planets Collide

Posted in Fantasy

Shade of Green: Two Planets Collide

Greater strength and everlasting life are what many wish to obtain on the faintly illuminated planet of Shade, as many obsess over it to the point of their own demise or the deaths of others. The opposite is usually the normal on the larger and more flourishing planet of Fendoria, but with an inevitable war swiftly approaching, many have no choice but to take sides and kill any who oppose them. A group of peaceful forest dwellers are forced from their environment into the heat of the battle, as one is seemingly meant to be a deciding factor in ending a reign of a power-thirsty tyrant. Giant armor-laden brutes, blade-wielding masters and an ancient genius, who grows stronger and more intelligent with age, place a great strain upon the huneitens: a more durable human-like species residing in sporadic locations throughout Fendoria’s lush terrain. Heavily guarded fortresses and near-indestructible allies protect some from certain death, but others who are not so fortunate to have either means must be prepared to die at any moment, or be completely favored by the bluish-green tinted konarc: a dimly lit, fog-like substance which covers the ground of Shade. It is responsible for all means of life on the planet by providing warmth and light; it can also increase individual strengths and abilities of its inhabitants.

Shade of Green: Two Planets Collide

By: Brandon Rachal

This Book Was Placed In The Fantasy Genre.

This Book Normally Costs – $1.18

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