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Stage Door: A Cue to a Kill: A Theatrical Cozy Mystery Short Read

Posted in Suspense

Stage Door: A Cue to a Kill: A Theatrical Cozy Mystery Short Read

The show must go on… but can it, when one of the actors has a cue to a kill? Backstage at the last night performance of the murder-mystery play “Bone Chiller,” a real life killer is stalking the corridors of the theater. The Goose Meadow Bay Players’ Halloween production has been declared an artistic success by enthralled audiences, but onstage and backstage the cast and crew are just a little bit bored. On the last night, one of the actors has a great idea to liven things up and everything seems harmless enough, but then an attempt is made on one actor’s life. Not long after that, another goes missing. With the audience’s laughter ringing in their ears, the cast are more intent on stardom than finding the potential murderer lurking amongst them. Can Kath keep the show running, the cast safe and make sure the killer sticks to the script? This is a cozy mystery short read in the Stage Door series. Interview with the Author Q – What makes the Stage Door series special? A – Part of what makes the Stage Door series special is its setting – onstage and backstage in a community theater group. The world of theater is a curious blend of real life and sparkles and glitter, and most people who are involved in amateur theater love it for exactly those reasons. Everyday life with the magic and excitement of a theater production on top – and with that comes lots of humor, drama, mayhem and heart. All of this makes the Stage Door a perfect setting for humorous mysteries and romance – the wild, crazy, chaotic escapades of any bunch of egotistical wannabe actors and actresses means you’ll be laughing, crying or biting your nails in suspense. And with a good dash of musical theater thrown in, maybe you’ll even be dancing in the aisles! Q – Do our readers have to read the Stage Door series in order? A – As my books include both cozy mysteries and romantic comedies, a strict reading order isn’t really too important, but a common thread does run through them all. If you wanted to read them in order, this is probably a good start: Stage Door: Love’s Theater Stage Door: Playing Dead Stage Door: A Cue to a Kill Stage Door: The Art of Murder (coming soon) Q – Why should our readers read the Stage Door series? A – If you like sweet, clean romantic comedy or funny murder mysteries I think you’ll really enjoy the Stage Door series. One of the best things about Amazon is that it allows readers to take a chance on new writers like me. You can get enjoyable cozy mysteries delivered to your Kindle for less than the price of a cup of coffee – and if you’ve got a good cup of coffee to hand, all the better! Q – What is your favorite kind of book? Would the Stage Door series fit on that list? A – Absolutely! I’m a fan of mysteries in general and love all the classics – from The Cat Who books and Murder She Wrote to Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie. Mix in a dash of theater and suddenly all the world really is a stage. Actually, have you ever noticed how ‘theatrical’ the classic mysteries were? Holmes was a born performer and there was always an actor in the best Agatha Christie stories. The theatrical edge to the Stage Door series means I can write a book that can make me laugh and transport me away from the troubles of the world but at the same time feature real-life situations, with solid, sensible characters and storylines that make me think. Plus, I’ve spent too much time playing around in community theater myself and I love the people. I guess I’ve just combined two things that I really love. I’m pretty sure you’ll end up loving them too. Stage Door Cozy Mystery Series eBook Categories – Cozy Murder Mysteries – Cozy Mysteries Women Sleuths – Humorous Murder Mysteries – Sweet Romantic Mystery – Funny Cozy Mysteries – Cozy Mystery Short Stories – Sweet Murder Mysteries

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Stage Door: A Cue to a Kill: A Theatrical Cozy Mystery Short Read

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By: Lilian Watts

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