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Stardoom (Chick Lit / Romantic Comedy Series Book 1)

Posted in Comedy

Stardoom (Chick Lit / Romantic Comedy Series Book 1)

Stardoom : A Chick Lit / Romantic Comedy Series Book 1 WARNING: This is a novella and ends with a cliffhanger. Hollywood sweetheart, Lauralie Shaw, is accustomed to getting what she wants, when she wants it. Her spoiled attitude and demanding ways are notorious among her employees, and all of them do their best to keep her happy. All, that is, until her father employed Colton Dixon to fly her private jet. Colton has no patience for Lauralie’s attitude, and no intentions of giving her what she wants. And soon, all Lauralie wants is Colton himself.

Stardoom (Chick Lit / Romantic Comedy Series Book 1)

By: Sophia Kingston

This Book Was Placed In The Comedy Genre.

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