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Sweet Sorrow (Men of the Mountains)

Posted in Thriller

Sweet Sorrow (Men of the Mountains)

Ricky Blankenship grew up learning three things were absolute in life: the family moonshine business had sustained them for generations and always would; family comes first – always, without question, no matter the cost; and though they wear badges and uniforms, the O’Brien family was evil incarnate. Deputy Denny O’Brien was taught three things since he was a child: the law is always right; his job was to one day take his father’s place as sheriff in their mountain home of Allen County; and the only good Blankenship is a dead Blankenship. Ricky and Denny find themselves pulled together by a smoldering attraction ready to burst into the flames of wild, hot romance; yet driven apart by the generations-old blood feud between their families. The two already struggle to maintain their secret relationship when their collective world is turned upside down. A Drug Cartel with its roots in Afghanistan infiltrates their community, intent upon taking over the lucrative moonshine production alive in the county – even if it means cutting down half the sheriff’s office and wiping the Blankenship clan from the face of the earth. The two try a daring plan, coming out to both of their families, then running headlong into the teeth of the lion – a direct confrontation with the Afghani Drug Cartel. The move will either force their families to work together to save Ricky and Denny, or it will start a drug war likely to destroy them all, in this thrilling tale of MM romance, passion, desire and adventure. ��!��m

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Sweet Sorrow (Men of the Mountains)

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By: Tallulah Scott

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