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Take Action!: 5 Small Steps To Motivate Yourself, Master Leadership, Eliminate Fear, Achieve Your Goals & Transform Your Life

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Take Action!: 5 Small Steps To Motivate Yourself, Master Leadership, Eliminate Fear, Achieve Your Goals & Transform Your Life

Eliminate procrastination, take control of your life, and spend more time doing what you love! “You Will Never Again Be Lazy, Unproductive Or Feel Hopeless. Secrets To Rid Yourself of Procrastination Without Willpower!” Are you having trouble believing all this? That’s okay — I’m used to people being suspicious… at first. But the truth is, what you’re about to learn is praised by high-performance people and the super-successful all over the world. Check it out. See if you, too, aren’t just a little intrigued about unleashing the productivity “power” hiding deep inside you. Look — here’s just a “taste” of what you’re about to learn: • How to use the “million-dollar” secret training technology used by millionaires (which you’ll find yourself doing the things you know you must do, but have been putting it off — until now!) • Why you should never “beat yourself up” when things arn’t going your way (Using the effortless “micro-habit” you’ll find your confidence growing daily, without having to grit your teeth and use willpower). This will take you from the devastating paralysis stage to a decisive action taker! • A “lazy man’s” ritual that’s so simple, will show you how to “book-end” your day for success. You’ll develop a new sense of vigor and energy that only comes from doing the things you’ve avoided for so long. These simple “2-minute” micro-habits (that’s all it takes!) that are guaranteed to pump you full of motivation and excitement. • How to never again feel uncontrollable emotion (or even depression) by eliminating the common “habit mistakes”. (These mistakes are harming your brain and hurting your natural ability to be more focused and productive!) • You’ll learn the “3-Phase Resistance Cycle” and what to watch for as you’re building new habits… and how to channel all your energy into purposeful energy-habits that will charge you up like a bomb! And more… including habits & rituals so effective I wouldn’t dare list them here for you! PLUS… you’ll learn techniques to remove the “energy-robbers” from you life, making you happier and more focused… and also: • The single most important decision you must come to terms with when building habits & rituals! • How to tell where the “sweat spot” of a micro-habit is… and how to avoid the damaging mistakes most people do! (And how to accomplish more with less effort or strain.) • The 5 crucial habits you must make into a ritual to transform your life! (How to spend 30 minutes in the morning shaping the rest of your day for success.) • How to use the secret of your brain’s natural goal-achieving center… becoming more calm, confident and create a powerful “aura”… feel incredible and will support your goals and dreams! And more. A lot more, in fact. For example… How only 1-2 habits that support your goals can dramatically accelerate your progress of achievement… How to “adjust” your attitude without doing obvious harm to yourself or others… And, the most effective way to start your morning to become more productive instantly! As you can see, the secrets revealed in this amazing book will give you a powerful new way of taking action and moving through the world, because… You’ll Get More Done, In Half The Time By Stopping Procrastination Forever!

Take Action!: 5 Small Steps To Motivate Yourself, Master Leadership, Eliminate Fear, Achieve Your Goals & Transform Your Life

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By: Alex Altman

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