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The Crippled Bride and The Ambitious Miner (Mail Order Brides of Western Romance Book 1)

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The Crippled Bride and The Ambitious Miner (Mail Order Brides of Western Romance Book 1)

It’s 1849, the beginning of the California gold rush, and in this book, opposites attract, when Ava, the crippled daughter of a politician, flees to the wild land of Gold Creek, to marry wild & ambitious miner, Jackson. Ava hated politician! What will happen when Ava discovers that her new husband has political ambitions, an arrogant streak, and a struggling gold mine? Can a man with ambition and power such as Jackson ever learn to accept anything less than perfect? Gold Creek is nothing like Ava ever imagined. Wild, unruly, the town matches her new husband. Ava is thirty-one, beautiful and brave, but with a heartbreaking past, and a crippling injury. She’s always had everything she needed financially, but now this has CHANGED. She has lost everything . . . . . Crippled Ava and her Ma have been thrown out onto the street by her cruel father- a politician! They have no way of survival. She needs to make a plan, to save them both from poverty, from a life begging on the street. Gold Creek . . . and Jackson Abrams, are her ONLY option. When events seem desperate, Ava makes a strong, desperate decision: to travel to the other side of the country to marry a man she has never met. Jackson promises that his gold mine can provide for him, Ava, and her struggling mama. Join Ava on her journey cross-country to Gold Creek, where she meets the powerful and devastatingly handsome Jackson Abrams, who has the love and respect of the town, but hidden secrets, and a blind spot when it comes to love and business. He has a picture-perfect vision for his life, and Ava – with her crippling injury – worries that he can’t see past the imperfections. “What’s wrong with your leg?” “An accident,” she replied, softly. “Oh,” he said, at last. “So, it’s…permanent then.” “It is.” They continued to walk in silence for half a mile. “Ava,” Jackson said finally. “I want things to be perfect between us.” “Perfect?” she asked, looking up at him and frowning. “Jackson, you do know there’s no such thing as perfect, don’t you?” Can Ava learn to adjust to life in the wild mining town? Can Jackson learn to love imperfection? Will Ava trust that Jackson can see her inner beauty? “Take the journey with Ava and Jackson, as they learn to open up, love, trust in God’s plan, and to see the beauty in imperfection. “ This is a sweet and CLEAN WESTERN ROMANCE short story. Each installment is designed to be read in around two hours, so they’re perfect for when you’re waiting at appointments or have a few extra minutes to spare. Each short story can be read as a stand alone but if you wish to read about the story of Rosella and Luanna in order the first two books are available for just $0.99 or FREE on Kindle Unlimited. Mail Order Brides of Gold Creek: Book 2: Rosella’s Story- The Silent Bride and The Hesitant Widower (coming soon ) Book 3: Luanna’s Story- The Dead Bride and The Sensible Teacher (coming soon) Discover other series by Faye Sonja: Brides of Perry Lake series Book 1 Katherine’s Story- The Big Feisty Bride tamed by Her Scarred Banker Book 2: Hannah’s story- The Blind Bride’s Heart Won by Her Famed Pastor Book 3: Faith’s Story- The Barren Bride Claimed By Her Bad Wild Marshal The Archer Sisters of Goldrush Book 1: Adeline’s Story- The Strong-willed Bride for Her Lonely Farmer Book 2: Amelia’s Story- The Idealistic Bride for Her Insecure Rancher Book 3: Averill’s Story- The Careful Bride for Her Impulsive Cowboy

The Crippled Bride and The Ambitious Miner (Mail Order Brides of Western Romance Book 1)

By: Faye Sonja

This Book Was Placed In The Christian Genre.

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