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The day Death smiled!: The story of an angel and its guilt

If you loved Oscar Wilde’s short stories, then you will like ‘The day Death smiled!’ because It is the story of Azrael, a kind and benevolent angel who is condemned to be the subject of humanity’s collective fear and hatred, in spite of serving them selflessly for millenniums as the ‘Angel of death’. This is the fictional and fantastical story of Azrael’s guilt of a sin, It committed without knowledge! It is the story of a girl, who died prematurely. This is the tale of an unlikely friendship between a human and an angel. A story of a sin and repentance, of empathy and forgiveness. For this is the story of the day Death smiled!

The day Death smiled!: The story of an angel and its guilt

By: Debashish Chakraborty

This Book Was Placed In The Christian Genre.

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