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The Dead and the Missing (Adam Park Thriller Book 1)

Posted in Thriller

The Dead and the Missing (Adam Park Thriller Book 1)

A brutal international underworld. A lost girl. A PI determined to burn it all. Former private investigator Adam Park got rich and retired in his mid-30s, living a quiet life of surfing and travel. But when a troubled young woman and her manipulative boyfriend disappear, Adam’s old mentor cuts that retirement short. Using cutting-edge technology, Adam soon learns both abuser and victim made an enemy of a seemingly small-time gangster, and tracks them from the UK, through the Parisian underworld, and into an international organized crime network that treats human life like a business commodity. To confront criminals on the rise, ruthless traffickers, and corrupt policemen, he must burn down his concepts of right and wrong, and draw upon the darkest corners of his psyche. But these are facets of himself Adam has long denied exist. Bubbling just beneath the surface, he has kept that anger and violence caged all his life. Because he is a good person. Isn’t he? The Dead and the Missing is a suspense filled, often violent, international mystery & crime thriller, a journey that launches a PI from the relative safety of the corporate world to the hard-boiled existence required to get the job done. At any cost to his soul. To discover a new world of mystery and crime, pick up the first book in the Adam Park detective series today. Review from Readers’ Favourite: The Dead and the Missing is loaded with twists and turns and excitement, and had me holding my breath in fear several times, never being one hundred percent sure of how it would end. A.D. Davies is a very talented author. Author Questions Q: So, a private investigator travelling the world? A: Yes, I love exploring exotic locations, and I love detective fiction, so why not combine them into a thriller? Q: Quite hard-boilded? A: It has some violence, a bit of swearing but not excessive. Actually, I recently edited out the majority of F-words after a lot of feedback, so it’s more in line with the character now. Q: Have we seen characters like Adam Park before? Lee Child’s Jack Reacher series, Harlan Coben’s Myron Bolitar, John Connolly’s Charlie Parker . . . ? A: Adam is perhaps ‘of a type’ but he’s very different from Jack Reacher in that he is less of a loner, and perhaps a little more cerebral. He knows how to handle himself, but he’s on a journey. Jack Reacher is absolutely certain of himself, while Adam is evolving. When we meet him in this first novel, he has never killed. Q: Presumably that will change? A: A lot changes for Adam over the course of this novel. It’s a dark mystery, with action-adventure elements, but sits firmly in that noir crime genre where the protagonist isn’t black-and-white. Q: Will there be more to come from Adam? A: There are 5 sequels available now, and more planned for the future. Q: And when you say ‘sequels’ does each book follow into the next? A: While there are ongoing story strands that span the series – such as Adam’s personal life, and his battle with the darkness inside himself – each main plot is self-contained. While it would be advisable to read them in order, you absolutely don’t have to. Q: Finally, what is the correct reading order? A: Well, start with the free ebook edition of The Dead and the Missing then – A Desperate Paradise The Shadows of Empty Men Night at the George Washington Diner (novella) Master the Flame Under the Long White Cloud Q: And this isn’t your only series, it is? A: No, I have the Detective Sergeant Alicia Friend series. She’s an unusually perky UK-based detective. Her first novel His First His Second is free.

The Dead and the Missing (Adam Park Thriller Book 1)

By: A. D. Davies

This Book Was Placed In The Thriller Genre.

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