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The Franklin Incident (Philly-Punk: Steampunk Thriller Urban Fantasy Crime Series Book 1)

Posted in Sci Fi

The Franklin Incident (Philly-Punk: Steampunk Thriller Urban Fantasy Crime Series Book 1)

“A cleverly constructed, taught thriller with elements seamlessly blending steampunk, horror, detective fiction and sci-fi.” Trapped and alone, Jonathan Adams will face an evil he can’t even begin to imagine. When Collector-for-Hire and occasional police consultant Jonathan Adams arrives at The Franklin Building, he finds scared servants, a concerned constable, and a maid with her head cleaved in two. For lurking in the hallways is a killer not of this world! The Franklin Incident is an exciting short story that starts Philly-Punk, a series of short stories that will leave readers hungry for more. Set in an 1840s Philadelphia still controlled by the British ( WTF? ), The Franklin Incident —and the series Philly-Punk—puts Steampunk, Mystery, and Horror into a meat grinder to cook up a fine good read! With sharp action, witty reparte, and plenty of thrills, The Franklin Incident gives readers a quick trip into a world they’re going to want to come back again. “Jonathan Adams is a fantastically written character, harboring the intellect of Sherlock Holmes alongside the bravery of John McClane!” – Pure Awesomosity Interview with the Author Q- Tell us about yourself? A- My name is Raymond M Rose and I took my passion for science fiction, steampunk, horror, and mystery and mixed them into something exciting and fun-to-read. A real mashup. Q- Like… A- Alien meets Sherlock , Die Hard meets Jules Verne, x-Files meets The Very Hungry Caterpillar . The best of all worlds mixed together. Q- The last one doesn’t make any sense. A- It does to me. Q- Your main character– A- Jonathan Adams Q- He’s a Collector-For-Hire. What does that mean? A- People hire him to find stuff for them. Q- A bounty hunter for rare antiquities? A- He’s like Indiana Jones but without the bondage issues. Q- Things seem a little different in the Philly-Punk world…? A- It’s a Science Fiction Alternative History world with a big heaping of steampunk detective. Q- But the British control Philadelphia in the 1800’s? A- Like I said, Alternative History. Something happened in this world that changed history as we know it. We’ll find more about it in later books. Q- Edgar Allan Poe makes an appearance? A- Really? I hadn’t noticed. Q- Are there more books to the Philly-Punk series? A- I’m just getting started. There will be plenty more of these Alternative history short stories. Just head over to to find out what I’m up to. And enjoy. Philly-Punk: Steampunk Thriller Urban Fantasy Crime Series eBook Categories: Science Fiction & Fantasy Fantasy Alternative History Literature & Fiction Genre Fiction Men’s Adventure Science Fiction Adventure Thriller Literature & Fiction Genre Fiction Mashup Science Fiction Alternative History Mystery Science Fiction Adventure Mystery Science Fiction & Fantasy Fantasy Horror Science Fiction & Fantasy Fantasy Thriller Science Fiction & Fantasy Fantasy Mystery Science Fiction & Fantasy Fantasy Historical Science Fiction & Fantasy Science Fiction Cyberpunk

The Franklin Incident (Philly-Punk: Steampunk Thriller Urban Fantasy Crime Series Book 1)

By: Raymond M. Rose

This Book Was Placed In The Sci Fi Genre.

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