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The Haunting of Marshall Heights

Posted in Horror

The Haunting of Marshall Heights

Marshall Heights is no ordinary tower block. Piles of teeth are regularly found in the basement. A nearby trainline causes the entire building to regularly shudder. And some nights – at precisely 3am – the dead can be heard knocking on the doors, begging for help. When she arrives at Marshall Heights to search for her missing sister, Megan Booth immediately realizes that something’s wrong. The local police refuse to go near the place, so Megan has to uncover the truth herself. She soon finds, however, that even the residents of the building are scared to discover what really lurks in the corridors. The Haunting of Marshall Heights – originally released as 3AM – is the story of a building where the barrier between the living and the dead has worn thin, and where an evil force is trying to force its way back into this world.

The Haunting of Marshall Heights

By: Amy Cross

This Book Was Placed In The Horror Genre.

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