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The Hundred Hour Night

Posted in Thriller

The Hundred Hour Night

Mara was a professional photo journalist covering stories across the globe but she committed herself to a “normal job” for a marriage that, six years later, has lost its way. Needing to clear her head and re-evaluate she accepts an assignment to the epicentre of terror in Northern Pakistan where Al-Qaeda and Taliban insurgencies are regrouping; at the same moment as a falsely labelled “act of terrorism” shatters her city in Frankfurt, Germany. Her husband, a career banker, follows her into the unknown only to tumble into the vice-like grip of one hundred hours of night. Meanwhile, Ibhir and Hisham are friends who have lost everything to the evil and war that has eaten their homeland. Now, in a new place, they hope to recover the fraying threads of their unravelled lives. When an opportunity is thrown from the back of a passing truck, they take it, but they underestimate their unlikely hostageā€¦

The Hundred Hour Night

By: Rita Barnes

This Book Was Placed In The Thriller Genre.

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