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The Nightmares have returned

Posted in Fantasy

The Nightmares have returned

Our world, the Waking World is threatened by the King of the Nightmares. The Nightmares have returned, they steal dreams from those who are sleeping, the Nightmares that come in the deepest sleep, carry the souls to their world. When you have heard the words of this song it is already too late. A freezing wind penetrates to the bone. The eyelids become heavy. The dark envelops everything. You fall asleep and no one can awake you from an endless nightmare. Until today the magic labyrinth in the realm of Sleep has been able to protect every one of us from this terrible tragedy but now something terrifying is about to happen. A child named Stella who grew up in an orphanage in Florence, Italy, is the protagonist of this story and it will be she, through her incredible journey, who will seek to save the Waking World.

The Nightmares have returned


This Book Was Placed In The Fantasy Genre.

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