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They Say Trust No One (Karen Neilsen Book 2)

Posted in Suspense

They Say Trust No One (Karen Neilsen Book 2)

Only Detective Sergeant Karen Neilsen stands in the way of a coalition of the Mob and homegrown terrorists threatening to the destroy San Francisco in a power grab for control of all The City’s criminal enterprises. In a stakeout for the simple purpose of capturing a dirty cop involved in kidnapping and human trafficking, a detective is shot and a hitman is taken down by Neilsen. To postpone attempts of retribution on Neilsen for shooting one of the Mob’s top assassins, Neilsen seeks a low-profile, taking cover under the wing of the former burglar, Jerry Peltzig, with whom she’d worked to stop a serial child murderer only months before. But, by morning, she’s been found. Not by whom she’d have thought it would be, but by terrorists, raging with hate and pumped to kill by the thousands, if that’s what it takes to purify The City. A series of murderous attacks follows, killing and injuring hundreds. While The City’s law enforcement and first responders are playing catch-up, Karen Neilsen taps the only force she has available: a collection of friends, an FBI agent and an old-hand SFPD Sergeant. Unable to tell what’s truly driving the terrorists yet understanding this is part of something huge, Neilsen leads her team into the unknown only to discover ever deeper layers of the unexpected. Each layer lures them further into graver danger. The twists wring out her small band until Neilsen eventually must go it alone into the lair of the designer and executive of a plan to wreck freedoms and shatter lives. The results of failure are too bloody for turning back or taking a pause to consider what might be the outcomes of her decisions.

They Say Trust No One (Karen Neilsen Book 2)

By: Lamar Troutman

This Book Was Placed In The Suspense Genre.

This Book Normally Costs – $11.89

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