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Track Down Africa (A Brad Jacobs Thriller Book 1)

Posted in Thriller

Track Down Africa (A Brad Jacobs Thriller Book 1)

Force Recon Marines battle Seleka Rebels in the savage heart of Africa, while desperately searching for a missing young woman. “Action packed, fast-paced and full of rapid gunfire.” Brad Jacobs, a retired Force Recon Marine, is part-time bounty hunter and part-time international hostage retrieval expert.  He routinely hires his former Special Forces buddies to assist him on missions. When his favorite cousin, 26-year-old Jessica Paul vanishes during a trip to Central Africa while searching for a legendary lost diamond mine, Brad prepares for his most personal assignment yet. He and his team navigate the deepest, darkest jungles of the Ubangi River on a pulse-pounding race against time to bring Jessica back alive. But first, they have to find her.  Brad knows there are a million ways to disappear in the middle of Africa, and none offer good odds of survival. Has Jessica gotten lost in the jungle or has she been kidnapped for ransom by terrorists? He’s determined to find her before she falls into the hands of the ruthless Seleka leader, Ostrigamo, or worse yet, becomes dinner for vicious cannibals. Join Brad and his team on their perilous journey to discover the truth about Jessica’s disappearance and the fate of the mysterious diamonds.  A missing young woman, a seasoned bounty hunter, and an unforgiving jungle — Track Down Africa is the first standalone book in an electrifying war & military thriller series. If you like full-speed action, exotic destinations, real-life characters, and breakneck adventure; then you will enjoy this Brad Jacobs Thriller Series . It’s like Jack Reacher with a badass backup team out for vigilante justice. If you read Lee Child, David Archer, L.T. Ryan, Tim Tigner, C.G. Cooper, Blake Banner, Mark Dawson, or Matt Rogers you’ll love this! Get your copy of Track Down Africa now!

Track Down Africa (A Brad Jacobs Thriller Book 1)

By: Scott Conrad

This Book Was Placed In The Thriller Genre.

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